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Our Impact

Capacity Building, Partnership and Developing Policy Recommendations

Our impact

Capacity Building

The project continues to register progress in building the capacity of the youth in two levels. Level one being the Imara Fellows who were recruited to be trained in policy making process in partnership with the county government in various fields of their interest and careers and level two being capacity improvement among the community youth who were the local partners during the implementation.

Our fellows have improved their capacities at work, and furthered their studies in Policy development and governance. Notable cases include the promotion of Ms. Gladys Ndanu based on her improved ability to relate with clients on the Universal Health Care in Muranga County thus facilitating her promotion following the involvement of her supervisor in a panel discussion on Universal Health Care during the youth baraza held at the University of Nairobi Parklands campus. Mr. Shadrack Osero was admitted to the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program to study Masters in Public Management (MPM) with a specialization in Environment, Sustainability, and Geosciences at the University of Potsdam. His application was based on the work done in partnership between Imara Africa and the county government of Kericho to identify policy gaps and recommend solutions within the Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) sector. Mr. Mathew Ndolo and Ms. Ivy Wandia Gathoni have also furthered their studies in Policy related courses at the University of California -Berkeley and Geneva Graduate Institute.

The community youth who were the local partners during the implementation where they are able to engage the members of the county assembly to lobby for the implementation of some of the recommendations that were highlighted in the project reports. For instance, the members of Kericho Youth network were able to hold two meetings with the youthful members of the county assembly to push for the implementation of the report recommendations. The same was replicated in Busia where the steering committee managed to convince the members of the county
assembly in the youth bracket to raise a motion on youth internship policy. The assembly will be discussing the bill with the recommendations from Imara team.
Two fellows, Dr. Edwin Rono and Mr Brian Keter were recommended by the Chief Officer to the County Governor for appointment in the board of two technical training institutions.

Our Impact


The implementation of this work has seen the project establish a firm partnership with the County Governments of Kisumu, Busia and other local partners including Jiwo Paro, Kondele Social Justice Centre & TEAM-Transform Empowerment for Action initiative, (Kisumu), Busia Youth Steering Committee (Busia), and Kericho Youth Network. The project was also able to develop partnerships with different Youth Serving Organizations. For instance PAWA 254 and WOSWA collaboratively hosted the leadership cafes and the First Youth Baraza respectively in addition to mobilization of the youth and key stakeholders during these activities.

Our impact

Developing Policy Recommendations

The project has identified various policy issues in the counties and co-created action pathways for change. In Kericho, a report with recommendations for Technical Vocational and Educational Training Centers was presented to the Assembly and Executive through the Chief Executive Officer responsible for youth, sports and ICT. After engaging the county stakeholders including the county government, youth, instructors, former students of the technical training institutions and other civil societies working around technical training institutions, the report was annexed as part of evidence to persuade Kericho Public Service board to hire more instructors during the financial year 2019/2020. The engagements in Kisumu resulted to identification of emerging and undocumented  sources of income for the youth which included betting, prostitution and filming pornographic movies. The recommendations included the need for entrepreneurial training are currently being implemented by our implementing partner-Jiwo Paro.  These engagements were  key in understanding and deriving a baseline which would help in the policy formulation process. The infographics in the policy document depended on the insights of government representatives who helped in finalizing the policy document. Some key government departments that assisted in the collection of data were the Youth office, Education and ICT Department, and Industrialization  & Enterprise Development. With the support and consistent follow up and engagement with Busia steering committee, the assembly was able to table a motion on youth internship policy on 6th August 2019. This is despite slow pace at which things were moving within the county and the political stand-off that the county had been faced with throughout the project period.


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