Investing in Africa’s future policy leaders


Building Africa’s next generation of policy leaders through networking, residential skills & knowledge development academies, field based experiential learning and online based certified learning in public Policy & Governance.


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APRIL 2020


Imara Fellowship is collaboratively convened by Siasa Place, Africa Youth Leadership Forum & Mark Appeal Group.

Imara Fellowship is collaboratively convened by Siasa Place (SP), Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) & Mark Appeal (MA) Group. SP is a CSO focused on advocacy through education and capacity building, targeted program implementation, a leadership Trust (AYLF), a leadership Trust working in the broader East Africa region with a focus on developing skills and values among young leaders and MA is a social consultancy with a distinct model that leverages assets, talents, and in-kind services through strategic alliances and creative collaboration.

The program’s overarching goal is creating a critical mass of young, networked and well exposed policy leaders. The program exposes its participants to global practices in policy design and implementation but equally takes them to the rigor of the village where they engage communities, define problems, design solutions and advocate for the policy solutions to be adopted by local authorities.  


Supporting leadership that upholds ethics, sound principles and executes public trust with fairness and uprightness.

Social Empathy

A leadership that understands people by perceiving or experiencing their life situations and gaining insight into structural inequalities and disparities to propose responsive interventions

Research & Collaboration

Fostering evidence based leadership through research, collaboration & learning

Imara Fellowship

Investing in Africa's future Leaders

Nurturing a network of shared values and aspirations. A generation that understands the difficult process of making change.

Imara Fellowship