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Susan Lavendar

Cohort 2 Fellow

I am currently in the process of submitting my thesis for a Master of Arts degree in Regional Integration and Development from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. I was driven to undertake this Master’s degree after two years of working in Ethiopia and the realization that the world is becoming global. The East African Community is considered one of the most integrated regions among the eight African Union recognized Regional Economic Communities and it seeks to integrate education. As a teacher, I am intrigued by the learning process and I am always looking for ways to make it more embracing towards the diversity evident in our society. I aspire to learn something new from my students, peers and superiors. My desire is to see education be accessible to everyone without bias or discrimination and to witness an era where girls are not left behind for lack of resources. Education should become inclusive as far as allowing free thinking and encouraging independent minds as opposed to being set on stone and relying on tests to determine learners’ ability (and inabilities). I’m a strong believer in each person’s ability to unlearn and relearn.

In my free time, I enjoy reading both for leisure and for personal knowledge. Books have encouraged me and allowed me to travel to fictional worlds as well as brought me back to the reality of what can be done to make a change in my small portion of the world. The children today are the youth and leaders of tomorrow and I hope to be able to provide a platform for them all the while learning and improving my skills as an individual and professional. I hope to continue pursuing my dream to make change through the policies that affect both ourselves and our future generation. I make time to write and I am in the process of creating a blog in order to air my personal views and hope to one day be a published author.