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Raymond Kimutai

Cohort 2 Fellow

Raymond Kimutai is a budding researcher and a political activist who works and have worked together with corporate organization, CEOs, Academicians and executives to further their insights through informed research coupled by quality analysis and interpretation. I have a four-year experience of working in as a researcher cum political activist.

I have been involved with HIV/Aids initiatives, peer to peer education, community mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, field research, capacity building as well as planning and implementing community-based projects. I have also worked in the past in quantitative surveys with just to name a few companies including African Population for Health and Research, youth agenda, SNV Kenya and Laterite Kenya. On top of that I have outstanding computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to make presentations to large groups of people.

I graduated from Moi University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in sociology. I have busied myself with research and politics since my time in campus making me participate in various campaigns aimed at bettering the political scene of our country. 

As a political activist, I have been in the forefront advocating for charge in the approach to the politics with a tagline of the youths being the change that can make it happen. I have works continuously with training teams tasked to pass the message on public participation, budget process and the youth empowerment through affirmative action, through inter party youth forum and siasa place. Currently I am a political mentee with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a German political foundation promoting democracy, good governance, rule of law and social market economy in Kenya.

My achievements include: Participating in training of youth adolescent aged 12-18 and accomplished the reduction of teenage pregnancy and HIV related cases both in Kericho and Kilgoris, participated in the making of Kericho county statistical abstract having participated as a field enumerator in the social service department, In my freelance writing have managed to fundraise for various youth groups and also became a research assistant to Researchers in different fields and I also participated in the just conducted first digital Kenya Population and Housing census as a content supervisor.

In the past, I have undertook the following trainings: Women Empowerment Forum from Moi University, Peer Education from Kericho Youth Centre (KYC), Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Startups program from Kericho Youth Centre (KYC), Civic Education from Supporting Primary Education Across Kenya (SPEAK) and Protecting Human Research Participants from National Institutes of Health (NIH). My hobbies include: Exploring new places, Volunteering and Reading materials on my profession.