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John Wabwire Shikuku

Cohort 2 Fellow

I enjoy over seven years working with youth in the communities in Busia county , have been volunteering in yes youth can project as a youth master trainer, community facilitator in entrepreneurship DOT KENYA youth leadership program ,coordinated  Jiactivate youth declaration  in Busia county , volunteered with organization of African youth in ICPD25 Sensitization in Busia  Youth advocate KAYSRHR NETWORK, Budget Champion URIAIA, SIASA PLACE ,Community health volunteer 

In am one year shy to stopping being called youth according to Kenyan constitution. Today am torn between being worried of *Age is justice but a number*, old saying to *Being a youth is a stage passing like a smoke where you define your destiny.*

My story summarizes my worries since am not only worried about myself but my fellow youths out there.

Early in life I didn’t aspire to be a politician or anything close to leadership from the perception I had about politicians and leaders. My perceptional on this changed when I realized one can still be a leader even without being elected, its just a matter of identifying a leadership vacuum and occupying it, the origin of my Busia  youth leader tittle.

Since then I stopped looking back but bridging the gap between youth and leadership more so in Busia County, something that has come with very heavy price, every bad Tags, insults, misperception etc.

But today I am a proud man; with all the negativism I have gained a lot which to me are far better than the negative. Being aggressive, ruthlessly focused and go getter today with my impost tittle I have impacted over 500 youths 30 disability  and still counting, natured over 400 youths in leadership up to ward level in Busia county and have made personal and group networks with over 50 youth organizations which are ready to be parts of my youth transformation journey.

I believe in hard work, focus and action to achieve what I want. Today from my position imposed in that matter I have been to places I would have Never even stepped in, The office of the President, UN Youth Action Summit, KAYSRHR Youth network, to mention a few and this year confirmed to attend ICPD -25 Nairobi summit .

Today I No longer introduce myself in Busia  county coz I have become a brand, Is have given hope to thousands of youths in Busia  county that no matter your background the future has everything for everyone.

I am just starting a new journey of building BUNYALA YOUTH ADVOCATES as a brand, being there for the young people of my motherland, offer talks to the young people, be part of their empowerment stories, and guide them into opportunities that can change their lives.

I am offering myself as an agent of change, a hub of resource for the young people and a consulting body to help shape the future of Busia youth