Imara fellowship is a one year youth leadership development program focused on identifying and training community based youth policy champions. Founded in 2018, the program identifies highly enthusiastic youth leaders and takes through a rigorous training.

The training entails experiential learning at county levels where our fellows interact with communities and policy leaders. The fellows identify a policy problem and design a solution that is offered to local authorities for implementation.

Imara Fellowship is collaboratively convened by Siasa Place, Africa Youth Leadership Forum & Mark Appeal Group.

SP is a CSO focused on advocacy through education and capacity building, targeted program implementation, a leadership Trust (AYLF), a leadership Trust working in the broader East Africa region with a focus on developing skills and values among young leaders and MA is a social consultancy with a distinct model that leverages assets, talents, and in-kind services through strategic alliances and creative collaboration.

2019/2020 Program Goals

  1. To train and mentor 30  youth community based social accountability champions in three counties across Kenya
  2. Development of community cantered follow up mechanisms, through organizing regular social accountability meetings
  3. Change in attitude in the community from being passive to being more engaged in demanding information and accountability.
  4. Development of well researched documents that will influence existing policy


Imara Fellowship Cohort 2


Social Accountability in the Public Healthcare System

Focus Counties




Developing  Kenya’s community based social accountability champions through training and experiential learning.

The 2020 intervention is designed to undertake social audit on Levels of satisfaction in service delivery among the local service institutions. The program will also map social accountability programs and undertake quarterly reflection meetings and Community outreach through scheduled Radio engagements and social media updates to discuss issues of concerns to the community and what is being done about the issues.