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For years our mothers and fathers built a system ,a system of self-reliance a system of Kings and queens novelty, pride each clan or tribe had a way of life in both times of crisis and plenty. Our mothers made men out of their sons and the fathers made women out of the daughters. To become a woman was desirable and to become a man was responsible, a sacrifice for the next generation. In those days fire was important and electricity if any was a miracle, nakedness was the original normal yet our morals weren’t as decadent. We knew our mothers from our sisters and our fathers from our uncles. Such is life! In years past relatives, clans ,communities worked together during times of plantation and harvest , our elders taught our younger generation and the younger generation took pride in shaping the next generation. Then the white man of days past became the 1st man to discover Africa pwahahaha  and they  began to plot how to pilfer Africa ,sharing their fine clothes, fine KFC food, corrupt churches, selfish leaders, the wonderful bible, social media and worst there horrible make up! hehheheheh

Fast forward to the year 2020 our women have decided that they are no longer beautiful with curves, their faces taking a new identity with extreme make up. Our men on the other hand ironically create the false impression that they enjoy women creating false advertising. Our core values have been eroded, our fathers only care about their immediate families, uncles and Aunties have become far distant relatives some even share the name predators. Our Africa, where did we go wrong! So Organized at the top so disorganized at the bottom, so privileged with good weather yet so poor dependent on donations and grants, so resilient and hardworking yet so gullible.

Africa has become the new street child of the continent dependent on food, used as guinea pigs, abused and used as slaves in search of employment. Africa the modern street child has decided that land is no longer important for food but castles and mansions, that food can no longer be cultivated but bought at a price, that Africans can only be rich through corruption….Africa where is our oil? Our Gold? Our special minerals? Are we too lost? Have we forgotten that our wealth was already bestowed to us by God? Have we chosen to be street children and beg to explore our own minerals? Why are we confusing our forefathers with forward backward progress? 5/10 for education 10/10 for corruption 6/10 for ideas on technology 10/10 for no implementation.

Africa the new street child has forgotten its power, the power of unity and purpose, God in his own wisdom gave each African country something. Something to share! Something to develop and grow! But we cannot do it alone independently .We must see each other’s as brothers and build a mechanism to share and grow our different blessings.

Africa must rise! Africa the modern street child must reshape itself, period

God above everything


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